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A complete overhaul of the game

Blizzard Entertainment stopped announcing how many subscribers it had just recently, though it is fair to assume that they are no longer riding high with 12 million subscribers anymore. The sharp decline in subscribers is probably why almost every system in WOW has been overhauled in the Legion game. The most noticeable change is with the Player-Vs-Player combat. The classes have been redesigned, which means your favorite character will feel a little different.

Goodbye to grinding…. kinda

The World of Warcraft: Legion game is like most of the other WOW games in that you can level up by completing quests rather than by grinding, but even with the highest skills and levels, you may still find yourself in the midst of a slaughter fest, which is why grinding is still an option. Fishing and archeology professions still require a lot of grinding, but the world as a whole is far more interesting than the 2012 Mists of Pandaria where each faction had very similar quests to complete. In World of Warcraft: Legion there is over 400 quests and they are different enough to keep most players entertained. It is possible to play for around two weeks without seeing a repeat.

Definitely a stronger game than recent releases

If you have played previous WOW games and you know the lore, then you may play as the Demons, otherwise you should pick another side to join because the lore for everybody else stands on its own (i.e. you don’t need any background information to understand what is going on).

The game offer bigger and better rewards for smaller-group dungeons and crafting professions. All of this means that lone-wolf players are well catered for. In the old games, if you leveled up enough, you either continued onwards with larger group quests, or you unsubscribed because there was little to do. That is not the case with World of Warcraft: Legion, it is better suited to people that like to play solo games.

The graphics have been overhauled a little in order to bring them up to modern standards, but it still looks and feels like a WOW game. One of the best features in World of Warcraft: Legion is special weapons that they call artifacts. Each are uniquely suited to each class, and they are mostly based on Warcraft lore, but the best part is that each player may customize his or her artifacts so that they do not look like everybody else’s artifacts. As a result, the classes have never felt so unique


Will this game re-ignite passions in the WOW community and restart the craze that saw more than 12 million Blizzard subscribers? No it won’t, but it may help stop the decline of WOW subscribers and may help set the trend back in the opposite direction. Is it worth calling in sick to work for a week? No it is not, but it certainly deserves a few all-nighter weekends, and there is still a very robust online community to play with. If you are already a WOW subscriber and you fancy an expansion, then this Legion beats its most recent rivals.


  • Legion has little to do with the 2016 movie
  • Many of the game’s systems have been overhauled
  • Better suited for lone-wolf players


  • There is little point in being a healer and leveling up to empower your artifact weapon
  • Some classes feel a little clunky when playing
  • There are still server crashes (but there are far far fewer these days)

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World of Warcraft: Legion for PC

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